About Us - A Message from the Administration

I am honored to be the principal of Pope John XXIII High school and to serve our parents, students, faculty and staff. Our mission is three fold.  We must strive to strengthen Catholic faith; promote academic excellence, integrity, and leadership; and practice love, care and compassion for all human beings in the gospel spirit of Jesus Christ. 

We strengthen our Catholic faith through regular prayer, liturgies and the sacraments. We encourage our students to make faith an integral part of their day. We incorporate service to others as an example of the Corporal Works of Mercy.

We promote academic excellence, integrity, and leadership through our high academic standards. We also strive to be an “Honor to the Father” in and out of the classroom. We have high expectations of our students regarding respect for themselves and one another. We expect our students to think more of others than of themselves.

We practice love, care, and compassion for all human beings by supporting each other in all aspects of our lives. We have a deep respect for all human beings and work to create a culture of life!

Pope John XXIII High School is built on a solid foundation of faith, academics, and high standards. We are all committed to serving you. We are all committed to working with you. We are all committed to making Pope John a truly unforgettable high school.

God Bless you in your faith journey and high school experience,

Thomas J. Costello, Principal, Pope John XXIII Regional High School

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about Pope John XXIII Regional High School.  We are proud of our students and the quality of our Catholic education.  Today, more than ever, there is a need for well-educated, well-rounded citizens, and we believe that Pope John XXIII prepares students to meet the academic demands of higher education and the challenges of the world beyond. A review of this site will acquaint you with Pope John XXIII’s integrated program of liturgy, prayers, academics, service, physical fitness, and extracurricular activities.

Our mission is clear:  we are committed to strengthening religious faith, promoting academic excellence, and developing social responsibility and leadership in the young men and women of our community. Our dedicated faculty and staff go the extra mile to ensure that each child receives the necessary support and guidance to achieve his or her goals.

I hope that this is the beginning of a long and productive association with Pope John XXIII Regional High School for only together can we realize your child’s true potential.

- Rev. Msgr. Kieran McHugh, President, Pope John XXIII Regional High School


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